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Let me help you tell your story! I’m passionate about working with writers, creatives, and heart-centered organizations on developmental editing, marketing communications, and strategic planning.

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about the egghead

Working at the UC Davis Humanities Institute from 2007 to 2011, I fell in love with the egghead sculptures by Robert Arneson that dot the campus.  Before long, the egghead had worked its way into the DHI’s marketing materials, first on a poster for the Public Intellectuals Forum and before long into a “Be the Egghead” campaign for the DHI and the value of the humanities. Elliott Pollard, the DHI’s webmaster, did the design work that transformed a photo into the line drawing, which then showed up on promotional coffee mugs, staff T-shirts, and eventually a giant poster that hung for a time in the hallway outside the DHI’s conference room.

And now it’s become the logo for my creative consulting business, bringing a sense of humor and fun to the very serious, very necessary work of transforming ourselves and changing the world.