writing workshops

Visiting Instructor, Office of External Education, University of Illinois, Chicago, Spring 2005 – Fall 2007 (online only in Fall 2007)

“Writing Women’s Memoirs”
“Women’s Memoir Writing: A Revision Workshop”

academic teaching

Visiting Instructor, Gender & Women’s Studies/ History, University of Illinios, Chicago, Fall 2005-Spring 2006

“U.S. History since Reconstruction” (fall and spring)
“Gender, Race and Culture in Cold War America” (fall)
“American Modernisms: Gender, Race, Nation, 1880-1935” (spring)

Visiting Lecturer, Gender and Women’s Studies Program, University of Illinois, Chicago, Summer 2001

Special Topics: “The Woman’s Film and Female Stardom” 1990-1993

Adjunct Instructor, History and Women’s Studies Departments, Binghamton University, 1990-1993

“Women’s Film and Female Experience”
“Hard-boiled Crime Fiction and Film Noir”
“20th Century History through Literature and Film”
“The History and Politics of Popular Culture”
“Literature and Radicalism in U.S. History since 1880”