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To My 2017 Support Crew: HUGE Love & Gratitude

Before we get any deeper into 2018, I want to say a deep and heartfelt thank you to all the people who supported me, digitally and in person, this past year – and there were a LOT of you. My motto for the longest time has been “leap and the net will appear” – but I’m not sure I really believed it until I finally took the hugest leap of my life, and wow, so many people appeared to cheer me on! You helped make 2017 a truly transformative year for me, and I am grateful beyond words…. Mwah!

I also want to do a special shout out to the friends, old and new, who hosted me as I traveled up and down the west coast last year. The folks below provided me with creature comforts – a driveway or curbside parking, an electrical hookup, usually a cold adult beverage and a hot meal, and occasionally the hot shower that changed everything. But even more important was the universally warm welcome, and the opportunity to reconnect with people from wildly different parts of my life, some of whom – Holly Harvey, Anne Waddell, omg! – I hadn’t seen since we were kids.

Whether they hosted me overnight or for longer or multiple stays, these folks made such a difference for me as I learned the ropes of living and traveling in a tiny house on wheels. Thanks for helping me find a sense of “home” on the road. HUGE LOVE to all of you!

Laine Kenneller Baker and Audra Baker, Sacramento

Gary and Carla Brading, Fresno

Kelly Anne Brown, Costa Mesa

April Bullock, Riverside

Marisol de la Cadena, Davis

Laura Grindstaff and Ryken Grattet, Davis

Holly Harvey, King City

The Langdon-Nies Crew (Emily, Charles, Julie & Renee), Merced

Judith Magee, Palm Desert

Molly McCarthy, Davis

Maureen Reed, Portland, OR

Annie Waddell Rodman, Morro Bay

Michele Baltezar Rossi, Capitola

Amy Sprengelmeyer, Deer Island, OR

Carolyn Thomas, Davis

Julie Gould Watchie, Auburn, WA

2 thoughts on “To My 2017 Support Crew: HUGE Love & Gratitude

  1. Hi there! I saw you on the 14 going through Pear Blossom and Palmdale area of California. We past for a few seconds on the road with me looking down at you and your tiny home. I was in a semi truck Volvo white going past you. I looked up your website and have been reading your story on Fiona and your travels. AWESOME!
    My tiny home is a semi truck going back and forth California to Florida. My fiance’ is also a trucker and we team drive for now. Scott is his name and mine is Pamela. I to have rescue pets from my vet including Queen Nubian my percious rescue cat.

    1. Yes, I remember seeing you. Thanks for reaching out! Where are you headed next? Will our paths cross again? Fingers crossed!

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