Designing Health

Located in downtown Astoria, OR, Designing Health offers a wide range of healing and personal care services, including massage and reiki, a float tank and infrared sauna, and so much more. Founders Dawn Young and Cindy Nemlowill bring decades of diverse experience in the medical field to their work and leadership at Designing Health. Dawn in a Certified Soul Midwife and a companion to the dying and their families as well as a Reiki II practitioner. Cindy has forty years experience as a nurse and is a Board-certified Holistic Nurse and Health and Wellness Nurse Coach.

Their mission is to create and encourage a collaborative community of health care providers who inspire our clients to design their own healthy, vital lives. They do this by offering services, education programs and products that enhance health and wellbeing. Developing this mission inspired them to name their business Designing Health.

All of the Designing Health services offer the opportunity to calm the nervous system, since many of us live in fight or flight mode, and take some time to reset. Services offered are diverse and there seems to be something for everyone. Clients can use one service or combine services for a more synergistic effect. One example is using the sauna before massage as it warms the muscles, putting them in prime condition for deeper stretching and tension relief. Designing Health offers synergy packages that encourage you to use multiple services and/or have many sessions to enjoy a cumulative effect.

503-298-9773 • 1428 Commercial St. Astoria