The Setting:

7th Street Cottage

726 7th Street, Gearhart, OR

Ember Gren and Rebecca Auman are co-conspirators and magic makers.

They live and play in a healing garden nestled between the Cascade Mountains and Pacific Ocean in Gearhart, Oregon.

Rebecca walks the mystical path with practical feet as writer, intuitive, transformer, coach and healer.  She is an accomplished leader who specializes in working with executives, fundraisers and philanthropists to make meaningful contributions to their communities and to the world.  Rebecca has led workshops in North Carolina, New York, San Francisco, Oregon, the UK and the Bahamas. 

Ember is an earthy, soulful healer and lover of all beings. In addition to relaxation and healing, she uses massage to help her clients release trauma and integrate new ideas, experiences & learnings to promote personal growth. Trained at the Grove, Ember brings concepts, ideas and outcomes to life with her spirited drawings and visual facilitation.

They look forward to hosting you on May 17th!